My lifewith him

the illustrated life
of Delphine Arduini,
diagnosed at 16

The project

To support women and diabetes, the theme of World Diabetes Day this year, Sanofi is sharing the Delphine’s cartoon. This book is about life, difficulties, sharing, experiences, and most of all, about you.

With its Every One Matters initiative, Sanofi demonstrates its commitment to help each person with diabetes live the life they want. Because everyone’s diabetes journey is different and each person has an important story to share, we invite all of you to share your experience with diabetes.

More details
about WDD



Delphine Arduini was diagnosed on November 14. She was only 16 but she decided to continue everything despite the disease: school, sports… She refuses to let the diabetes control her life and continually challenges herself.

We can do everything
we want and control our diabetes
at the same time.


After her World tour, she starts the World Diabetes Tour organization to connect, inspire and motivate people with Type 1 diabetes to fully live their lives with diabetes.

Knowledge is key
to our freedom.


In partnership with Sanofi and SWEET, she begins a new project, the T1D Challenge. Every year, a sporting challenge is organized. It gathers a team of people with type 1 diabetes and health care professionals. Accepting the challenge, the T1D team proves that each person with diabetes may live the life he or she wants.

Everyday I learn about
myself and my diabetes
through my experiences
and those of others.